About TigerTeeth

TigerTeeth Traffic Spike Systems are used world-wide to control access to or from car parks. Whether you want to limit traffic in corporate, military, gated communities, hospitals, universities, car rental agencies, and airport parking lot. TigerTeeth Traffic Spikes are highly engineered pieces of equipment and strongly built for effective controlled access.

How does TigerTeeth Traffic Spike system control or limit access? The unique ability to let traffic flow in one direction is it’s flawless design. While a car can drive in one direction, thus causing the spikes to harmlessly fold down, going the wrong way will cause the tires a lot of damage.

TigerTeeth tire spike systems are available in eitherĀ a surface mounted above ground modelĀ or a flush mounted in-ground model. The tire spikes system utilizes a proprietary spring-loaded and/or counter balanced system to prevent tire damage to out-bound vehicles. Our tire spike systems are designed for reliability and low maintenance providing years of dependable service.


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