Here’s some info on all of the available TigerTeeth products:


Cobra & Cobra II – Traffic Spike Units

Cobra traffic spike systems are designed and engineered to allow traffic to proceed freely in just one direction. The Cobra is designed to prevent vehicles from proceeding through controlled entry locations by puncturing tires while allowing unrestricted passage for vehicles traveling in the allowable direction.

Cobra traffic spike systems provide an extremely effective and economical one-way directional, unmanned traffic control. Systems are available for surface mounting or in-ground installation.


Enforcer – Motorized Traffic Spike Systems

Enforcer motorized traffic spike systems provide reliable access traffic control by electro-mechanically moving the teeth up to an active or secured position, and then down to allow unrestricted passage to authorized vehicles. The self-contained modular system allows design flexibility combined with easy installation in manned or unmanned sites. Enforcer can be installed in new or existing facilities and is easily integrated with multiple access control options.

Enforcer is ideal for parking lots, airports, auto dealerships, car rental agencies, government installations, commercial and industrial sites or other secured locations where a high level of access control is required.


Stingray – Concealed Traffic Spike Systems

Stingray pedestrian-friendly concealed traffic spike system is engineered and designed with below-grade spikes that will puncture the tires of offending vehicles while providing above-grade, non-penetrating teeth. The below grade tooth stays submerged until activated by wrong-way traffic. Only then is the spiked tooth deployed, puncturing the tire of the offending vehicle. The Stingray is ideal for shopping centers, amusement parks, schools and private communities where a large amount of pedestrian traffic exists.



Defender provides access control/containment traffic control by easily moving the manual lever. Two options are available, the locked UP position or the pass through down position (acting as a soft speed hump). Both positions can be locked and secured from manipulation.

The Defender will perform ideal at a site where security is needed but power is not available. We recommend commercial sites, parking lots, shopping malls, shopping centers, industrial site, airports, military storage sites and many other locations.


Traffic Spike System Accessories